seducemewithyourmathskills asked:
when i'm sixty-four by the beatles, the end by the doors and telescope by cage the elephant ❤️❤️

Thank you! I love them all, specially the Beatles one :)

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2008/early 2009 hair

5,447 plays Alex and Matt singing Tears In Heaven



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alxttrnr said: he is the cause of a global hairgel shortage so yes, he does do things wrong sometimes

haha ooooh! you’re right, I had forgotten about that. but I’m sure it is the only thing he does wrong haha

mileskaneandalexturner said: hard to love by the drums?

I just listened to it, I like it, it is nice :) thank you

alexanderismybaby said: beautiful war by kings of leon? idk if you already listen to them

yes :) I really like kings of leon, but I haven’t heard that song yet, I’m about to do it, thank you :)

indie-plantation said: Mac demarco, tame impala, generationals, and coconut records are all pretty peppy but chill :)

haha, I love tame impala, but I haven’t listened to the rest, I just heard My Kind of Woman by Mac Demarco and I like it, I’m going to listen to the other ones :) thank you

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